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The Misfit of the Demon King Academy: Melheis Ambushes and Attacks Anos Voldigoad

On the day of the final match of the Magic Sword Tournament, Anos Voldigoad and Ray Gransdori face each other with swords. But as its always the case with the Misfit of the Demon King Academy, there is too much that is happening behind the scenes that is hard to understand. Both of them have to wear a bracelet on their left wrists that sap magic and makes the wearer unable to use his full powers. But the battle is not really between Anos and Ray. It becomes evident by the halfway mark that the fight is between Anos and the collaborators who desperately are trying to get rid of Anos from the world of Avos Dilhevia.

In the previous episode, Ray has warned Anos that he would stop at nothing to defeat him even though he has been his biggest supporter for a long time. The radical change in his demeanor was surprising for Anos, but he still takes him on. Ray’s sudden alliance with the pure-blooded Royalists turned out to be his desperate attempt to save his mother, who is critically ill and admitted to the hospital.

So, Ray had taken the magical contract sword from the Royalists, and he had only two options now, he would have to please the Royalists by defeating Anos or lose not just his mother’s life but his own as well. His mother, Sheila, had come in his life in a time when his biological parents had rejected him. Sheila had always stood by him and gave him all the love that he deserved. Aware of the situation that he is in, Ray fights the people he loves. For his mother, he would go to any lengths.

But even at the beginning of the match, Ray confesses that he has somehow violated the Royalist contract that he had made. So, he and his mother are doomed, but he still wants to fight Anos since he has always aspired to beat the king. Anos respecting his sentiments indulges in the fight, but when Ray falls to his knees, something extraordinary happens. Suddenly a magic spell is activated, and both of them are transported to another realm where an owl observes them. Anos immediately recognizes that the owl is Melheis.

 To Anos’s surprise Melheis, his ally, was behind the Magic Sword Tournament, and he was supporting the Royalists instead of him. When Anos turns on him, Melheis is excited as he finally gets the opportunity to show what he is capable of. He uses Beno Ievun – the spell used 2000 years ago by Anos to remake the world. Since the bracelet on Anos’s wrists limits his powers, he finds himself repeatedly stuck by Beno Ievun. His barriers can hardly withstand the continuous attack by the spell. Melheis is confident that he is operating from a safe distance, and Anos’s lack of power because of the bracelet only boosts his confidence.

But soon enough, Anos is able to use the full extent of his powers, and along with Ray, he is able to turn the tables on Melheis. Ray understands that even her mother is standing by her at this moment, assuming her true form of a sword. Anos is finally able to knock Melheis down. Without wasting time, he makes a magical red and black sword which he then shoves in Melheis’ head.

But the blow to the head does not kill Melheis. Anos then finds and shatters the sword of subjugation that is implanted in his head by the Royalists to control him. Melheis returns to his usual self, and the battle arena transforms to its usual form. Melheis feels sorry for being ambushed and used by the Royalists, and he apologizes to Anos for it. But Anos is not worried, he is able to resurrect and free – Gaios and Ydol, two more demon lords in control of Avos Dilhevia.

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SOURCE : The Misfit of the Demon King Academy: Melheis Ambushes and Attacks ... , Tek Wire

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