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How do I get resolutions for QuickBooks Update Error 12007?

Started by Trinity Lan Oct 13. 0 Replies

On a regular basis, QuickBooks is widely used by a lot of business users. QuickBooks is very simple and efficient in using, hence a lot of business users prefer it for managing accounting tasks. I am also a business user and managing my accounting…Continue

Tags: help, support, QuickBooks

Which network carries the Hallmark channel?

Started by James Whatt Oct 13. 0 Replies

Sling TV, the reasonably priced package carries Hallmark channel networks such as Hallmark movies and Mysteries, Hallmark Drama, and the Hallmark channel. If Sling TV is your choice, select the best package among Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling…Continue

Tags: on, Roku, Channel, Hallmark,

The Importance of Keywords Is Changing in PPC – Here’s Why

Keywords, one of the most critical elements to marketers, is starting to serve less value in SEM.

Gone are the days when keywords were literally the lifeblood of all our SEM efforts when we were hell-bent on ensuring we had the most potent keyword list containing all long tail and short tail keywords because otherwise, our reach will be limited.

Today Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are actually laughing at the marketers’ attempt to create a typical keyword list. And it’s solely because keywords are losing their importance in SEM. It’s safe to say that now they are more like nice-to-have instead of a must-have.

The Age of Keywordless Search

So what’s the proof that keywords are losing their value?

Most of us, small and medium businesses, especially, are experiencing the keyword SEM life already.

Let’s have a look at some examples.

  1. Yelp

There is not a lot to manage when it comes to this local listing/review search platform.

All you need to do is place your bid and target (competitors, categories, brands, etc.). Then based on the searches on the platform, your ad will get triggered.

Yelp will display your ads to visitors who are exploring your competitors’ profiles or are local to you.

Still don’t get the point of this example?

Well, bear in mind, almost every restaurant on this earth is listed on Yelp, let alone service-based operations.

Start summing up all these small and medium businesses, and even if a small proportion of them run paid ads on Yelp, you promptly understand that keywordless search has slowly found its way into the industry.

Want more evidence that keywords have begun serving less value in SEM? Okay, then let’s dive into some more examples!

  1. Microsoft Advertising

Formerly known as Bing Ads, these are another popular and lovable search ads across the world. Now one would think that Microsoft Advertising would never give up on keywords, right?

But it’s a day full of surprises! Microsoft Advertising, too has headed into the keywordless search world.

Have a look at these three examples:

  • Product Listing Ads or PLAs – Most marketers know what product listing ads are and probably love/run them too. But if you remember, there are no keywords included here.
  • Dynamic Search Ads or DSAs – Scours your website, decides which search queries your ads should show up for based on your site’s content. But hey, at least it allows you to create a s

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