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How Can Your Organizational Behaviour Impact Your Marketing Strategy?

It is natural for people to behave and act way too different in the workplace than they do in social environments, and their behavior is heavily influenced by the office setting. There are so many factors that go into organizational behavior – from the firm’s structure to policies, guidelines, processes, management, and interaction among coworkers. All of these can influence the workers to perform better or contribute to disconnection; it all depends on your organizational behavior.

If your company has a solid business strategy ready to comply with your marketing strategy, having a good organizational behavior will reinforce them.

A lot of people fail to realize how business and marketing are totally entwined. In order to grasp how to apply a powerful marketing strategy, first, we need to understand the basics of a business, especially the business we are going to market for altogether.

What we are trying to spell out here is that even if your marketing team is able to put a solid strategy in action that delivers you leads and potential customers but if you don’t have strong business operations or organizational behavior in the first place, how will you meet and satisfy the needs and wants of those prospects?

That being said, here are five ways how your organizational behavior impacts your marketing strategy.


Effective communication is the key to every business’s success, and the same applies to marketing too. Typically, marketing agencies appoint a representative for every company they work with to ensure smooth and effective communication. This way, the team, as well as the organization, can make sure nothing goes unnoticed, and interacting with the same individual every week helps them build a relationship.

For example, suppose you, too, have assigned a marketing executive. In that case, you need to establish a way for them to acquire information from the organization, marketing team, and every other team or involved executives to effectively utilize your strategy. What is the point of all the great work you are doing if nobody knows about it or can use it? Effective and clear communication also helps prevent double workload or muddled messaging, like if you have got an external agency to run an ad campaign while your in-house team is sending out different messages across social media platforms.

However, besides your marketing efforts, your message should accomplish other things as well. Is everyone in your organization giving out the same message? How are they answering calls? Two-way communication can be very beneficial for the marketing team. There are a lot of things that we can evaluate digitally, but then again, there are a lot of things that we cannot. Take feedback, suggestions, ratings, and advice from both consumers and your workforce. Provide them with a channel through which they can communicate this to your marketing team and other executives directly. Feedback from the ground staff is extremely valuable.

Project Management

Using a project management system links to the communication directly. The way your entire team communicates should not be your only concern; you also need to take a look at the tools they are using in order to organize the information gathered. If all the communication is taking place orally, then nobody is going to remember what was discussed! If the team members are communicating via email, is there an effective system in place to make sure things don’t get mixed up or lost in the series of ‘reply-all’ mails? However, if the organization has employed a proper project management system, then has anybody been put in charge of it to ensure smooth operations?

There are boatloads of components that together form up a digital marketing strategy, so it is quite common for things just to get lost or misplaced. Although there are lots of softwares that you can utilize to store your clients’ or company’s data safely, such as Google Drive or you can also use a combination of these tools to keep everything organized. Even one campaign includes several ads, videos, images, copies, emails, forms, landing pages, and so on. Lack of organization in any way will result in lots of things getting left out. And you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Project management might be the key to making your whole organization even more productive and viable for your business’ enduring growth.


You need to have a healthy culture with ethics and operate your business in a way that every individual in your workforce is able to understand. Your company culture should also encourage the employees to speak up without fearing retaliation of any kind. This will allow everybody to bring new ideas on the table without any hesitation. This can not only benefit your marketing strategy but your company altogether as well. If you do not have a culture that incorporates the five W’s of your business – what, where, who, when, and most importantly, why, and a messaging that cultivates all of these, you might not get an organization-wide buy-in for a marketing strategy.

For example, the message that your company sends out across social media platforms should be in line between your marketing team and other employees. Does your staff realize the type of messaging or vibe you want to send out to your audience? Or are they giving out more personal messages that are not portraying your brand as a whole appropriately. To work successfully with an external agency, first, you must have a buy-in from your entire workforce and ensure that everyone is on the same page having common goals and interests so that together they all can work productively and smoothly as a team.

Change Management

Do you have any sort of system for managing change? If yes, is it good enough to work effectively? If your firm has been functioning in the same manner for the last two decades just because that is how you have always done things, then we might have a problem. But likewise, if you have been successfully operating in the same way since forever and the results are also great, then why mess with it in the first place? Plus, typically, employees also prefer working in the familiar old ways because too many changes mean a lot of effort will be required, which further complicates the bringing changes and adaptation process. This is where your marketing team comes into play. They need to dive a bit deeper and find out if the ‘change in culture’ is going to work fine with your marketing strategy or not.

The world of marketing is a fast-paced, ever-changing world, and staying at the top of the ladder means being an early adopter. The most widely used search engine Google appears to be modifying its guidelines every week, and the most popular social media platform Facebook, seems to be changing its algorithm almost every day! Moreover, with technological advancements, customer demands also keep changing. To be at the top of the game amid all these rapid changes taking place in this technology world, a firm needs to stay open to change and have an established system that enables them to adapt to changes effectively and as often as needed.


Does your company have clear-cut directors, chiefs, executives, or employees? Is everybody clearly divided into separate teams? Is everything going easily and smoothly, or is there too much workplace politics? Internal relationships within an office form a significant part of organizational behavior as typically having the right people seated in the right positions often results in a successful business. Moreover, when your organization is working with an outsourced agency, relationships matter a great deal.

There has to be trust among the team members, executives put in charge of the marketing within the company, and also the hired marketing agency. The teams should be able to communicate with each other properly. This allows them to explore new strategies and innovative ideas and resolve the friction or conflicts or challenges that will probably emerge while working together. Trust is important, and for that, healthy relationships are the key.


Numerous other factors together form the organizational behavior that may impact your overall marketing strategy. However, the above mentioned five factors were the ones we found to hold the most prominence over the others. Having the right organizational behavior will help you understand your employees better and eventually get the best out of them. The more productive your employees are, the more your organization will thrive.  In case organizational behavior isn’t something you have considered before, now is the time to dig deeper and explore the plethora of new opportunities that will lead your business to long-term success.

Hariom Balhara is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles for Tireless IT Services. Tireless IT Services is a digital marketingSEOSMOPPC, and web development company that comes with massive experiences.  We specialize in digital marketing, web designing and development, graphic design, and a lot more.

SOURCE: How Can Your Organizational Behaviour Impact Your Marketing Strategy?

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